ever, that neither the physicians nor their hospitals had such
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educational, industrial, etc., and abounds in short articles on live
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rapidly than that of tuberculosis. A recent report from
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operation) of bringing the stone into a condition to be re-
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manifestations at the time of the lesion, and hence my
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seemingly in a balance; anger is easily and hastily aroused
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true diphtheria, produced by the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus, ordinarily
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told that she must wait, because the other eye would get into the same
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restoration are mainly brought about during sleep, everything should be
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Dr. Osler thought the bath of primary importance, it
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Cement, White. — Take white [fish] glue 1 lb. 10 ozs.,
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the facilities offered for the rapid transportation of patients from the field of bat-
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finally came to her husband's ears, and, of course, the charm
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were to be combatted by whatever was available in the
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small portions of alcohol of the same specific gravity ; the matter
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reduced to the lymphatic system. Leukocytosis and an increased output
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make the dry smear at the bedside, as it is not attended with any special difficulty.
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members of the organization are assisting the mobile
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pounded — food are hunger, a moist tongue, and absence of
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18.36, I published in the Edinburgh Medical Journal an essay
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.-sterility. AVomen frequently conceived while under treatment
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system, most favoring the motor cells of the anterior horns of
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tected that after the closure of the lids the conditions re-
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outside of a hospital. He did practically all the in-
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Of numerous cases of endo-metritis, which I thus treated, I shall give
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years they are much fewer. Frankl-Hochwart finds that, out of fifty-two
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said : "Do you know the origin of the term ? " On re-
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ments for supporting the upper tier of litters (upper berths) con-
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more fuel in winter than in summer. Who has not, in considerable anger, abused
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affected district is at first of a deep red or reddish-black colour and well
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But a far more palpable specimen of suffering is in No. 3
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Leucocytes. — The leucocytes are at first increased during the
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from the alveolar c^illaries into their anastomoses so as to produce
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