leaves traces, slight clouds remaining here and there in the cornea, together

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covered is the fact that the presenting head seems crowded to the front

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ence shows that, although paralysed muscles do not contract to alternating

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size but in enormous numbers ; when chronic, fewer and larger, and

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increasing in severity. Headaches had been noted a month previous to

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rickets dying of broncho-pneumonia, we have frequently found tiny

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The Concentration Test. — The patient is directed to abstain from

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receipt by the Secretary of the Faculty of Medicine, up to May 7th, 1921.

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on the ground. It is fubjedl to the fame inconveni-

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in actual loss of blood after accidents, operations,

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writer of this article sent a letter of protest to the Journal of the

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This will be imposed for any course of less than a month as a registration

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I have troated and cured sonic oi the worst cases of neurasthenia.

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Saunders Co.. 1917. Published bi-monthly. Price per year :

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lowing be tried out. generally dissolved in liquid petrolatum, and

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massage may help to keep the swelling under. When the scrotum, labia, or

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Pain is not a very characteristic symptom, and when present is usually

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Falkenstein (1300'), in the Taunus mountains, conducted for many years

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no evidence in support of this assertion ; all experimenters are agreed

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have been met with in the case of washerwomen, and post-mortem room

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from the bag, are tlien drawn out at the wound, and

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of cholera, and only in cholera. As a diagnostic indication, therefore, its

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untreated gastric irritation are gastric catarrh and permanent dilatation

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on it, efpecially on the convex fide ; and under thefe

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prophylactic purposes. This is the legitimate field for the stock preparation

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climate, with possibilities of abundant sunshine and fresh air. Straitened

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diseased tissue should be freely removed ; and if secondary, limited and

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eafinefs is over, they fhould be turned into the fields ;

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hemorrhagic, or purulent — was found, and of these there were thirty-two

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was thought infuflicient, another was fubftituted in

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injuries to the skin ; but the conditions of the skin are so different in these

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feller Institute War Doiuonstration Hospital. Maile with chlo-

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