made to an autopsy on a man dead of phthisis, at which pneumo-
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receive any salary, he cannot be called an "officer."
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band brake on the centre axle is the one we like best for hilly districts.
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extremely hysterical and in'itable temperament of the patient,
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sickness, die(l after inhaliuL'" the anoisthetic two minutes and a
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election of the homeopathic members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario,
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(chronic diseases of the bones, or of the joints, frequently
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solved and rapidly diffused over a large surface of the intestines, whereby it
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The City is the central parish of Glasgow; and the Royal
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We had two examples of this in the fever ward during the past week.
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208. Structure of cholesteatoma, consisting of disintegrated fa1 vesicles and
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that every man will divest himself of all prejudice, and not be
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the production of gangrene that the entire finger be surrounded by the
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by thunder. The dangerous effects of lightning are much lessened
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room. About the middle of last month cough came on, .".c-
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with a greater preponderance of sarcomatous and myxo-
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Anat.ii. Phys. vi. 21.— 13. Jamieson. Diseases of the SMn, 4th ed. 1894. — 14. Kaposi.
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observed the case of a healthy new-born infant, who, when it
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payment should be made by the Comptroller except for such
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the purpose of conducting us to the offices, parlors and sleeping-rooms, it
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D. lamlniB removed ; caseous material removed from arch of lOtb,
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of the lemniscus, which reaches higher (more cephalic)
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brace and go her way. Another addict acquired the ability to raise
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undesirable disposition a man has to-day without money, he will
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taneously in Wisconsin and New York, which are described in full in
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icteric. It collapsed while being used for infecting stegomyias in a cage (Aug. 10,
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crowing, difficult breathing, loudest in inspiration, is usually the
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patient to abandon his filthy habit at once and forever. It is said
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nitrate of silver in many of these conditions ; but,
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of Aneurism, in which I collected and commented on most of the recorded cases
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the process of writing letters voluntarily or from dictation, we must introduce into our
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insoluble in alcohol. Becomes converted into the carbonate
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called the ''obstetric hand." The wrist and elbow are flexed. The toes
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etiology ; 23 of these were breech presentations, 5 were forceps
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pains increased to a violent degree. In the front of
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right or left half of the scrotum in which the affected testicle
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0-12 gramme of nitrogen per kilo of body weight per man daily is
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of drugs and preparations made in the new Pharmacopoeia, an undesirable risk attends the