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hereditary tremor. It occurred in all the members of one family and

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then varnishing with traumaticin. Both plans are equally good.

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In presenting the report of the case which came under the

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In consulting the tables of mortality I find that out of infants

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Aviputation at the Shoulder Joint. Dr. Freiott of Troy reports New York

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scientific work of the Association could then be transacted by the

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which a methodical weekly collection is made. The expenses of

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the workman to secure prompt and scientific treatment for many of

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The work having been prepared from a teaching standpoint the

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sounds of which however there are several varieties. They occur in almost

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ing very satisfactory conclusions from these statistics. It is evident

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however support the opinion of Wedl. Dr. Lostorfer states that

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case recently in my wards there was otitis media and the Klebs Loeffler