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Grave indications are the rapid extension of the glandular enlarge-


broken, and with bated curiosity we took off the end to see of what it was

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rapid and severe, and is marked by acute pain referred to a circumscribed


which the coughs were worse two conditions aggravated, namely,

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a certain proportion of the cases from four to six drops of amyl nitrite

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making it necessary to practise this recently acquired knowledge,

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is sometimes an interval of years between such accidents and resulting

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of surrounding organs by contiguity, as well as with the appearance of

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activity merely increases the cerebro-spinal irritation, and can only

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the fats are poorly assimilated ; and the physical signs may rarely point

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this is not invariably the case — and very much thinned. This thinning is,

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said to be bacillary, the latter causing putrefactive or fermentative

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former being continued until the latter has taken eflfect, may be regarded

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character of the movements should also be considered.

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the former to a greater degree, and yet, though usually multiple, the

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where the element of competition may be eliminated. Systematic hours

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In such cases the circulatory system must receive unusually careful

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ing a peculiar cachectic appearance — a condition that is in strong con-

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The final appraisal of the estate of Mr. J. S; Kennedy, who recently

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patient rarely being entirely free from asthmatic dyspnea, combined with

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Homoeopathy, was the guest of Boston physicians for three days in

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the history, the greater prominence of sensory symptoms, and by the ab-

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The paroxysms of pain usually come on Paroxysms more frequent when the stom-

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glycerin. Its use should be preceded by a cocain-spray to prevent

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years until the destruction of tissue by its weight and mechanical irritation

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inguinal region almost reaching the point of suppuration. During

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talking to the patient his expression suddenly becomes blank, the face