the molecule. But supposing these electrons were distinct entities,

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of calcareous degeneration. In addition, many small haemorrhages

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Persons desiring to take these courses must register at the

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route. The possibilities of this work will undoubt-

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and friable. The gall bladder is contracted, usually empty, but

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ment of his system of treatment, he must agree that a comprehensive study

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consideration of the chemical topography of the body is

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The absolute purity of Welch's is one of the reasons

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W. E. Luter, C. F. Mason, F. Paschal, A. S. McDaniel, G. H.

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the ductless glands, and their influence upon longevity; indeed, that thought

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VIII. Anesthesia — Dr. M. R. Reid, Instructor in Surgery.

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ures are purely preliminary and but a step towards the successful

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annex of the State Insane As3dum at Austin, and is to be in charge

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Heuer, George J., Captain, M. C, Assistant Surgeon (Brain Sur-

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The lower extremities exhibited considerable atrophy, partic-

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the excitement continued, resistiveness was a feature, and she made

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For students of the third trimester of the Second Year.

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Spolia anatomica addenda, i. — Ibid, 1915, ix, 483.

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Here is a very personal letter. Its publication (with permission

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As it is important for the medical profession to know the exact

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In the afternoon the convention was addressed by Drs. Souchon,

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ing in connection with the out-patient department, for the special

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or the carol of the first robin of early spring, while other people's

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invalid for more than ten years. A number of different diagnoses

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as the disease advances, may become dry, brown, cracked and fis-

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of swamps and water holes and burning of vegetation caused the

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admitted to the clinic as voluntary assistants. The facilities

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Harry G. Sloan. The diagnosis of intracranial bleeding in the new-

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as formulated and interpreted by the Medical Faculty of the Uni-

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The teaching is in the dispensary, in the clinical labora-

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current. It is possible that it might have occurred

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coarse wire for muscular contraction, and from long fine wire for

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A. B., University of Wisconsin, 1916 ; Medical Student, ibid., 1916-17.

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stition has been brought home to me by three cases of intestinal

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Mrs. Van D., aged 34, was first admitted to the Polyclinic

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Genito-urinary diagnosis. Diseases of the prostate. Examina-

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Sunday morning, temperature 102.8°, pulse 94. Had spent very

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