an hour : they were followed by very little cough or expectoration, and

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a flannel roller from the wrist to the shoulder, a large padding of

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treatment, the item of receipts for this being 386,100 francs),, amounting

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tion, thrice a day. The galvanic current was applied to the head a few

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publicity of their doctrines. In the examination of this discourse, we feel

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common in England. In the fresli state it has a strong

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ment. Death from infection from bedsores, 2 months later. Refer-

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108, weak. Both legs are slightly cedematous below the knee. Patient sleeps badly

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Hargrove, W. P., Kinston, Univ. of Md., 1900 1900 1900

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lies at his feet. A statue behind him represents Charity. It forms

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also, I believe, as hypnotics in cases where there is no pain.

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Under urgent dyspnoea the patient died, and contrary to

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a shadow from a small cload obscurmg the moon, bat upon lookmg np, tile

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Examination of the larynx showed the cord in the cadaveric

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until their meeting here. Dr. John W. Luce, '64, gave the

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sometimes slightly albuminous. Coolness and dryness of the

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and generally it extends ()\('r several mdiiths. As regards stages, when acute

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eyelid, and a limited cedemaof the scalp on the occiput

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appear to be enhanced by larger doses than 20 grains. When the

bactroban and used on scalp sores

which the tumor no doubt had possessed at an early period,

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writers agree, who devote any space to its considera-

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already involved his dearest friends. In some cases they are pleasing

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I have had under my care two well-marked instances of chronic

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upon the neck, continuance of life is impossible. There are persons

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I administer a gargle made of sage tea, vinegar and honey. When there

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condition he was brought some three or four miles to

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rely upon any one symptom. As illustrating how much these women

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cerebral half of the hemisphere performing the function of voluntary

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the reception of those patients who may be sent to her. Only cases

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succussion splash could be obtained as far outwards as the right anterior

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reason ascribed to inflammatory changes in the gall-bladder, with the

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strychnine, are beneficial. Warm baths, such as those at Bath and Aix-les-

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Two Cases of Trichinosis with Eosinophilia. — By William

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2847, 2864 2889, 2897, 2716, 2718, 2866, 2861, 8814, 8689, 8662.

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either in the stomach wall or in the organs just mentioned,

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have been noted. Parotid bubo has been a prominent complication in some

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and the bones and articulations in 12 per cent, of all the cases. The

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bacilli, if present, than a drop of sputum before concen-

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where 2 or 5 grs. may make the patient miserable, the same person may

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that if they did not submit to this operation they would