and 21.2 per cent, in the tracheotomy cases. The clinical results of
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part concealed by the hair, generally overlooked ; and that it was capable
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flexure. The patient himself met me at the station in his carriage.
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haosted. During the paroxysm, which often lasts for two or three minutes,
inoculability from cattle to man. He instanced cases of young
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Ankylosis is the best re-ult that can be obt.iined in some joints that
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ble, nay, almost certain, that nothing of the sort did exist there,
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due to the fact that inflammation of the respiratory mucous
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occurs. In every instance in which I have met with it, acute in-
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but, as I thought, it abated, in a moderate degree, all the sym|)tonis of
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formed the operation at St. Thomas's Hospital, June 16th,
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prosecutrix or prisoner. 4. The existence of gonorrhoea or syphilis m one
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content himself with writing a prescription which the patient may
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my office, in 1911, the amount of sugar then being .15 per cent.,
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then deem it wise, in order to "get a line" on his patient, to put him to
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The usefulness of the cold bath, both in preventing and curing disease,
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traces of the morbid infiltration bear such close rehition to the lymphatic
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noneconomic combined) damages. In my book, this is a
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over chronic duodenal ulcers show a marked tendency to severe esacerbotiofi
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on local circumstances, such as aspect, shelter from prevailing winds, &c.
have shown a tendency to reel towards the side on which they were deaf.
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tient so much discomfort that it was discontinued on the twentieth
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Not only was Dr. Goodman a fine physician, but he was also a good
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nal carelessness and ignorance on the part of the public and
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should be fully utilised, and steps were being taken to select
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and cutis appear in such places. We unite this whole group under
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but considering that the questions are still suh judice,
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The haziness of the humors is a very slight, diffuse haziness,
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his sight and health instantaneously. Then there was
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in order to interfere as little as possible with the recruit training.
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ticularly in the bullous form of the disease, ichthj^ol in three- or four-