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3"). LrRot. J. -A. (Editor): Journal de In Sante du

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marriage contract, or "unfortunately " for the physician

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cellules rondes leucocytiques^ m^ldes k des cellules de T^pitele cylindrique,

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ford read notes of a case of cerebral tumor in a man,

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ing been tried before a jury, $1,000 damages were found against

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INIany cases have followed other diseases, such as influenza, measles,*

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Avith its rouo;hened wall, the state of the blood with its undue tendency to

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ophoria, if present, will be indicated upon the scales. It is

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terrible fact that the actual population was decimated by

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course of the attack. Bacteriological examinations are necessary. Special

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cultures of the bacillus in bullion can be seen in various stages

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will be deeply impressed with the patient's rapid emaciation and cadav-

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nant to the high sense of honor tliat should govern

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matic spondylitis, i.e., a rarefying ostitis beginning weeks

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storage of slop alluded to above. — Sanitary Report for the

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certain, because we have the unquestionable evidence of Sir

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counteract the effects of the alcohol. Thus he could

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pressible. In other words^ he really acted as if de-

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MISSOURI MEDICINE/March 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 3 125

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Klencke, Professor, on infusoria in the blood, 127*

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nected observers, that it may now be regarded as a fact, con-

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in Washington, D.C., May 14 and 16, under the presidency of

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ture was normal, ranging from 102.0 to 102.6 until the last day, when it sank

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Diagnosis. — Pure cultures of the special organism give a typical ag-

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