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its normal organs and tissues, hence the importance of anatomy,

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cases leads to emphysematous overdistention, if not rupture, of the

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and a full-sized drainage tube was inserted into its pelvis, the

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the middle of the forearm at the site of fracture, but was found to pre-

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infection are rare. Erb says that sjrphilis is the antecedent of 90

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London Post Geaddate Cocese, Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital,

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physiological relations of the two parts of these organs appear to

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ing and immediate dissolution. Thus, a gentleman of my acquaint-

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serum is a most important therapeutic agent, very largely

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the hamorrhage may continue for days after it should have

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cause there is no stopping it imtil it ends in expectoration. The

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papers record very little original work, they are nevertheless

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As has been already pointed out, chronicity of the tubercular pro-

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The Vienna Academy of Science has elected M. Pasteur an

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as we have demonstrated in our chapter on Infections by the Bacillus

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most pronounced in those regions of the vessel which are subject to

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and for this purpose our only recourse is to hypodermic injections of

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account for, that the prognosis is so uncertain ; but an early termination

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it has often been mistaken for malarial infection. The fever may last

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The report of the inquest, given in the Times of May I'Gth,

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anterior root of the first sacral nerve. The consequent pain had the

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incipient phthisis. Owing to the excitability of the cutaneous nerves

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After many clinical facts bearing upon the relation between pan-

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from one official to another without any result beyond the

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insane. Those drugs whose mental effects we have described never leave

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