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pmictate hemorrhages may be found, with varying degrees of parenchjTna-
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Some of the cases regarded as foetal infection are not true infections. One
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this country, deformities are mentioned as influencing life
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other conditions and as a rule it is unilateral. If both parotids are involved
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Methods for Accelerating the Growth. — AYith the appearance of a disease
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monia collected by the junior author, 12 were terminal infections.
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and corresponds more to what is now characterized as asthenic or typhoid
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of which are so widely distributed, are largely cold-weather diseases. The
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forme. In the simple erythema there may be a slight rise in temperature,
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would be able to ask a male candidate. Mr. Smee (J. I. A.,
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Yet another point of interest is the occurrence in man of large white kidneys
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in checking wholly or in part the development of vesicles. This power is
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experience of the Connecticut Mutual would agree with that
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occur in smnmer; but they are met with all the year aroimd. It is essentially
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11 of 23 cases, Baginsky and Sommerfeld in all of 82 cases, Slawyk in 45 of
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1. A number large enough to exclude the personal equation and other
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differentiation of structure. He showed that the virus increased in the lesions
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Laryngeal Diphtheria. — Beneficial effects of the serum treatment in this
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tions of the small intestines are also observed. The intestinal contents are
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usually sufficient easily to decide the question ; if not, the ex-
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should decide to admit them, it is not unreasonable that an
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meddled with surgically, or removed, either surgically or by
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glandular secreting apparatus of the kidneys. These organs
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rarily in this bed developed pneumonia, pneumococci being found in the
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tous and fatty degeneration. The pelvis is particularly prone to hemor-
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patient precludes general anaesthesia. Ether causes so much coughing that
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of mortality was 0. Of 1,186 cases treated on the second day of the disease
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bromate or scopalamine. Large doses of bromides with trional may bring
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The eruption commonly appeared either with the rise of temperature or on
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discomfort, and very often gives valuable results as blood cultures may be
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brane, as early as sixteen hours (cornea), and arr then of small size. They
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The value of the local use of water in acute laminitis is
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leukocytes, but cases occur in which there is no increase, and these are not
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(1 gm.); for a child 5 to 10 grs. (0.3-0.61 gm.), repeated three times a day.
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the large phagocytic cells. The blood-forming cells show general hyper-
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was not thorough or minute ; the fact that a man wished to
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The action of intense heat or cold on animal tissue is
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