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when they usurp the place of the other sex. They can
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included under Bibliographies and to Swift amp Company for their
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It was especially striking in this case how suddenly the
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the oxygen from the bacilli while physiologically inactive derivatives cannot
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surgery that were at all comparable to these and we know of no
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doing more harm than good. It is always best to keep the
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by an exploring needle. On the other hand the many difficulties and dangers
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thrombosis. There were a number of isolated cases which showed
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ereal disease its disagreeable taste and the gastric irritation it
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frequently and in unnecessarily large doses but nowadays I think we
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ness of these tissues to overgrow under direct irritation and by the
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the substance in finely divided condition. Absolute alcohol takes it
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tionable importance it is of far less importance than is
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taint of scrofulosis and with a necessarily strong predis
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finally forming a felse membrane which cuts off all possibility
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Stohr at Wurzburg who reports cases is still less enthusi
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giving it a name and from henceforth the disease will be known
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especially as its origin is not really perceived and since it represents in
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more surveys made in different parts of the country in
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pimples or pustules of cowpox is the material used to
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the hospital were good enough to undertake a bacteriological
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this hospital is calculated to teach it is the proper
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on the severity or on the apparent benignity of the disease.
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were but it appeared that haemorrhage might have occurred
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same physician published an analysis of thirteen cases
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plague I repeat that never have I seen any figures that
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the pulmonary arteries and veins are spread out. The in
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