other hand, remains unchanged. Only in occasional instances has a leuco-
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school, or pass an examination on the Monday preceding the last Wed-
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system does not by any means take part in this abnormal functioning. On
the uniyersity or uniyersities for whose degrees they may be seeking.
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years, unless he is connected with a recognised medical school or holds
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rally, the separate individual tasks are confined principally to a particular
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falls suddenly to the ground, usually on his face, although sometimes on the
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manifested in two directions. Under pathological conditions Ave observe
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myelitis there may be at first severe local pain in the back. Slight diminu-
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patients is attached to the Hospital, at which the students are allowed to
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here that, as a result of the passage of the motor fibers to the other half of
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" hysterogenous " zone, etc.), which we cannot do with epileptic attacks.
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contrary, the cause was endogenous anomalies — that is, anomalies in the em-
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the weight of the leg puts the quadriceps into contraction by the tension on
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except for sKqht dlscpmaScles hm.»^J f^?fl.° excellent film strip
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generation of the female, and changes in them which result from con«
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myelitis, and more slowly in those varieties which take a more chronic course.
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supposition. The " diabetes of obesity " has been long recognized, but in
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definite disturbances of sensibility, etc. The disease resembles true tabes still
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that the motor fibers for one extremity are cut off before they cross, and
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for insurance. The various psychical influences associated with the litigation
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40O beds. '' The students wUl be allotted to each Hospital from time
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sation of being thrown back and forth, of falling, etc. These symptoms of
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raising of the scapula (levator anguli scapulas) are completely abolished.
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tou have now completed your inspection except for that portion which h
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Morris, Richard Phillips, a, w, sp, Salt Lake City, Utah.
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" irradiation " or shooting of the pain into the territory of neighboring nerves.
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Physiology 202, 203, 304; Biochemistry 201, 202; Zoology 101; Botany 101, 202; com-