the fatty acids are often met with in fetid and gangrenous ex-
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evident, and two teaspoonfuls of the solution given every hour
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ties of surface and of varied consistence, are readily found, and
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nosis and prognosis as in febrile and inflammatory affections.
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ligature (and pedicle) had sunk inward, and there was a free,
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sacculated, hidden from view. The little fine wire suture,
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are relieved, there being both lessening of the impulsive
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acid bath. If the skin is relaxed and enfeebled, we think of
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If we speak of a small pulse hard, we refer it to impairment
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after the most horrid, torturing and terrible injuries, and
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"As a stimulant to the nerve centers — that is, for its anodyne,
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has been made by attaching the apparatus to the portal vein,
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tion, indeed it consists entirely in proper observation.
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assistants, if such there be. Beyond this care of the
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pharyngitis; laryngitis; specific ozena. After the insufflation a
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pertaining to it,^ — from the simple cell which performs its
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see him inclined to lie upon the back, or if upon the side that
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after a while seemed to have lost its efiect, althoiio-li the evi-
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and is to be treated as such — when these disappear the dis-
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phatics, and which only varies from an ordinary chancre
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education of the mind that could hardly be obtained otherwise.
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dizers with readily oxidizable substances, as potassium chlorate
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pressing it, or rendering it unequal. Thus, change of tempera-
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citement causing children to start up in a frightened manner from
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direct action of remedies, with special reference to
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of the apparatus, with directions for its use, together with the
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the tongue and lining of the mouth and throat, forming a
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deposited, as the salt undergoes a partial decomposition in the
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A typical malarial fever gives us quite as frequent a puise
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ing: honi venatoris /eras caper e^ non omnes." Hap-
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which had affected the heart, and that since that time she
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resist the gastric secretion, or are affected very slowly by it, are
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that large doses of chloral, atropin, or ether will prevent the
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pressing it, or rendering it unequal. Thus, change of tempera-
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the chance of recovery; so that in any case in which there is a
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tions to either of these two symptoms, it is purely local^
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the puncture should be made at once, and in every instance.
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general exhaustion ; miasmatic fevers ; pyrosis ; indigestion with
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from the joint. Turning the toes inwards, both in movement
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der. Cows endowed with great milking qualities are usual
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glomerulus must be very great compared with that of the gen-
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forming their incantations, the ruins of the ancient cliff-
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las cul-de-sac, for the evacuation of pent-up fluids, is on page 261
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fevers and inflammations. It is a good remedy in some forms
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does the best work, it is the condition we wish to obtain in dis-