In some instances an exalted sensibility of the cutaneous surface


serted into the mucous membrane of the rectum a short distance

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and sisters living; two brothers died of consumption. The patient lias never

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The serum which we now have is far more potent than that ob-

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lymphocytes predominate. The peripheral cells form streaks or out-shoots

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ether, over the mouth and nostrils. To effect this properly, the

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whole of the diflliculty of respiration, and the death from asphyxia

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dent who was etherized, and the result was perfectly satisfactory.

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the addition of the salvarsan. Although this technique is compli-

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a ilow of tears. Some described the pain as seated in the cheeks,

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users. Nor is it fair to discount the full and sole

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riphery of a corpuscle with pseudopodia overlying the surface of the corpuscle.

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to observe the slightest sign of movement on the part of these cells.

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symptoms subside. The diet should always be supporting and stimulating.

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had laboured under diarrhosa for the four preceding days. The dis-

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surface of the middle and posterior lobes, and also beneath the ar-

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talis, and of the muscles of the face. In many instances tnere was

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fo-iuorrow had been i)0sted at the entrance of the room.

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extent of placing our law on an e(iuality willi llial uf Ihe

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The practice usually recommended under these circumstances, is

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reason to believe that the morbid sensibility of the retina was pro-

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in the cervical glands. The apices of the lungs and the lower side of the left

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The full and distinctive character of the variolous pock was not ob-

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treatment of twelve instillations repeated at intervals of 24 hours

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paralysis and muscular atrophy are progressive. No estimate of their

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cells which are wandering out into the medium show the differen-

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tion may not be regained. This result might perhaps be avoided, if more time

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in the German hospitals and in private practice, as far as they go,

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them that the disease is already upon those, who, living in a cholera

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veloped in rabbits and sheep by repeated injection of treponemata

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serum in the central canal, causing atrophy or destruction of the spinal

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former disease we notice the peculiar iron-band sensation, vesical symptoms,

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tation. The cells migrating into the medium are seldom as numer-