a feAv weeks dj'speptic subjects, who, on a full diet, were continually
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and coma in cases of anuria from thrombosis of the renal arteries.
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That there is pressure upon the ureters, the renal vessels, and even upon
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deferred and occur as the result of the secondary chronic form of the disease.
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cannot hold in solution the urates of the body, and they are conse-
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always draw the conclusion that the heart-power is not as yet too
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lation of a heat-producing centre, without increased tissue change,
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Some subjects of functional albuminuria excrete albumin only after ex-
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of M.D. from the College of Physicians and Surgeons
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whole of the poison was eliminated, the poison would be reproduced
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tions of camphor liniment on a woolen cloth ma} 7 be made to them.
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ticular localization independent of any general disease. Among the
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acid, salol, benzosol, guaiacol, creosote, turpentine, tincture of iodine,
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things which interfere with the progress of education. No system
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By the term diathesis is signified not merely an hereditary or ac-
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for autliors could not dreiuii of (dassing together two affections which
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Death may occur from arsenic several days or even weeks after
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and safe-keeping of their personal clothing and effects
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and flickering. We see then how important are the suggestions
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tion of intestinal toxins. Tea and coffee, tobacco and alcohol must
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flopped lightly and rapidly up and down on the surface ; the fanning
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veins are injected, its cut surface may be blocdy, is of a deep-red color, and
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is often indicative of some constitutional impairment.
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This enumeration does not include the three small bones of each
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in the urine, but no subjective symptoms of toxaemia — a condition that is
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that accompany the ordinary use of baths. For young and vigorous
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Something a little more definite may be said concerning the pref-
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sleep. There is usually some pain and swelling of the lower portion
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water through the tissues promotes interstitial oxidation, and assists
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though perhaps too frequently prescribed by the physician, but when
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the kidneys, of which the granular or gouty kidney furnishes the type.
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Metcalfe, John T., >LD., consulting physician to Roosevelt
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gistic treatment, the alkaline treatment, and expectant treatment,
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atropia in doses of T qVo" °^ a g ram two or three times a day. The
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propriate to the diathetic condition. Hemicrania is usualh^ treated
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mal secretion, because normally about 18 to 20 per cent, of the water
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persons. The methods of treatment proposed are, for the most part,
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and burning of the skin, combined with its glossy appearance, render
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only later that a closer examination of the conditions present allowed
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too much but too rich food, especially the consumption of fatty foods,
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prodromal symptoms of the articular inflammation. In one instance,
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and probably enlargement of that organ. Sedentary persons and
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ject of artificial feeding must be considered. As the death rate
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of exogenous and partly of endogenous origin; being more soluble, they play
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food and water supply, especially water and milk which are contami-
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suddenly greater at a definite period, that they were obliged to rise
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understanding of one of Voit's statements, whose interpretation in
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fever. This means that the^' possess the j^ower not only to allay the
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them in both these relations. In the present article, however, I shall
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and slight tenderness on pressure remaining; heart normal; pulse
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reagent b necessary, and its efficiency should be tested with a solution of a
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Crawford,) did not survive the operation, — also a celebrated lithoto-