is good for many cases of tuberculosis, anemia, and

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served in the practice of M. Martin Solon. The symptoms in this first case, in

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Whilst on this subject of the translation of Griesinger's

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of this kind be mentioned on the label if present in the

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are of but small importance in calculating the probable termination of the dis-

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valves, the fulness of the cerebral veins, the blood coagulum adherent

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physicians, in the last four years, 1837, '38, '39, '40, amount to 3300; giving

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on the more or less perfect legal regulations prevailing in

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At this period, I commenced keeping a record of the cases which fell

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the nature of the complaint. The scales form in crusts, not

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shoes that do not adhere to the straight inside line.

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general prevalence of smallpox. It was much to be regretted that this disease

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always so. The lungs continued loaded^ but there was no dyspnoea.

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This was evidently a case of colitis accompanied with paraplegia. The

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of cynanche, accompanied or followed by albuminuria and

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which the patient was suffering. It appears that '^hospital

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Oasis of Mourzouk. In our own diaries it is marked at 116°, on the 15th of

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which, by closing the right eyelid, was removed; also, she felt, at the same

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are better than darker tints, as well as more economic.

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nary uncomplicated epilepsy, especially if violent or long con-

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diffusion over wide areas of certain morbific miasmata :

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now, however, with few exceptions, viewed as a specific disease, some refer-

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after death that the nervous system was perfectly healthy. In a fourth fatal case

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The Lectures will commence on Monday, the 25th of October next, and continue

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phlebitis or thrombosis stands in any special or peculiar manner

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moved around several times and withdrawn. The effect of this simple pro-

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ments of French surgery, and had his health permitted, might have aspired to

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the first case occurred in a man who had come over with the disease

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b an unhygienic compromise with the dictates of the

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that includes some of its essential principles — the attempt has been made, in

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excruciating agony if not death itself that stones the size

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in large masses, by mechanical injury, from the end of a lavement apparatus,

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The result was so snccessfiil that the same means were employed in

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Before dismissing this subject, Dr. Watson treats in separate chapters of

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the United States the law requires that dangerous poisons

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the Larynx. (New York Med. Joum., Sept. Operation of laryngo-