removing manure feeding etc. under the direction of the stable sergeant.

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be looked upon as a last expedient towards straightening the limb.

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cervical spinal cord including syringomyelia and tumors and

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the doses of the compound solution of iodin which he administers with or

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uted for oysters. Regarding this last a curious narrative is

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frequent. Still was able to isolate the diplococcus from the

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Dyspnoea with cerebral symptoms may occur and even death in coma has

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Rotch of Boston to assert to me that the terms Pasteurization

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the assistance of some capable English nurses to furnish

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for Diseases of the Throat Golden Square Senior Assistant Physician.

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is far in excess of any apparent cause the resulting disorder being

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During the first two years the Department of Anesthesiology participates

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thcsaanaUoftlMhwak Dr. MakN knew the region in Natal to which

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allow the lung to expand imder the diminished pressure.

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it did not seem that we should adopt a plan tliat was going

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fact and if applicable in one locality they should be

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canal by gravity and not by injection with a syringe. The patient

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Chloral is rapidly absorbed and its effects begin within a few

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companied him to our patient s house. We examined the sore

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which ai e being got ready at the Royal Arsenal Woolwich

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The point of the advisability of producing anaesthesia as

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