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he has arrived at. He believes with Bernai d that sugar constantly exists
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proved to be the Alisma plantagOy or water plantain.
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ner but another knew all about him and said that Jen
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research There had never been a case reported in which
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surrounded it. He soon discovered that he could produce a pecu
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to occur. In two other cases blood taken the same day on
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result rather than the cause of the intestinal disease.
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more and more stuporous until today she seems to recognize no one.
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much as to demand consideration as in its mode of caus
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spread of the disease must have been assisted by the
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medical world to the remotest parts of the United Kingdom to
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ject the propriety of an attempt to ascertain whether the true com
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tions in which putrefactive changes occur in the body else
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lately attended a fatal case of metritis after delivery in consultation
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herds the disease appeared shortly after inoculation in other herds which had
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ing as illustrating a hitherto unnoted sequel of diph
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proved to have been o clock it followed that only ten hours
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In the other cases all adults of cough in phthisis and
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extremity subsequently became swollen and a diagnosis of phlebitis was
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afresh about the beginning of July. They gathered strength
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risania Medical Society N. Y. Neurological Society
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The same author fixes the gravity of gunshot wounds of the in
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physicians to listen to the appeal of Dr. Norwood and give this
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possible to perform. In later stages of treatment a patient
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I Dr. Byrne said he had studied all these cases with
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which some soap has been dissolved then after being carefully
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give tenacity to the thread and to prevent friction during its passage
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All the buildings are on one floor except that for the uncleanly
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nections are clearly defined. I can only enumerate the most
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both moral and military. To drink daily nearly half
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