attention. So earnest was Dr. Given in the prison reformation

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countries for ^6.00 in advance. It will be sent for three months on trial for $1.00.

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0) Syphilitic, Scrofulous and Cutaneous Diseases, Dysmenorrhea, CO

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resembled those from narcotism, were not, in fact, produced by

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metamorphosis. Cretefaction also may occur, as in the tuberculous

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* Vide article in "A System of Medicine," edited by Reynolds, vol. i. 1866.

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embraces opium, according to the degree of pain, soothing and mode-

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On motion, it was Resolved, That a committee of three be

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edge, in the way of prophylaxis. Dr. Buckler suggests the hydrated suc-

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to suppuration nor to continue in a chronic form. An abundant perspi-

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of gentian. To children over four years of age, he has given one*-

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granulations of the lungs, in the so-called tubercular or granular menin-

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manded in each case must be determined by the indications pre-

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liquid, metallic tinkling was heard with Cammann's stethoscope placed