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transferred to the chair of Experimental Pathology in that institution.

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The old museum has been cut- into two floors, the former useless gallery

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and that rupture of the uterus is sure to< occur. The hydrostatic

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the motion, unless you consider it right and proper, that the finances should be brought in

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protoplasm in this way. Ehrlich, basing his theories on the fact

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The Council met at two o'clock p.m., in accordance with motion for adjournment.

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There may be a very slight trace of albumen, and almost

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To sum up, then, an essential in the ideal treatment of ar-

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"Cases." W. F. Wesselhoeft, M.D. Discussion opened by W. Smith,

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The nerve supply to the genitalia of woman consists of fibres

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Dr. McLaughlin — Isn't it a pity to continue this when it will all have to be gone over

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form is called renal diabetes by some writers, but will stop when

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hypertrophy; pulmonary congestion and pleuritis; moderate interstitial he-

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possible, in ])aying the expenses of said convictions. And, further, that any work dele-

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Some people with pneumonia have chill predominating, others

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this vicinity is deeply injected. Further examination shows no

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