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This explanation of Virchow, that the clot is first a passive
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vation here recorded that plasma cells, polyblast-like cells, cells of
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the winds he studied their moisture, dryness, and temperature, and at-
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gradually increased to a strength of from twenty to thirty milliam-
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commencing spot is often just below a corpus Arantii, thence along a
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pains now radiated from the sternum to the left arm and down to
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shaped small clear spaces that are extravascular. The extravascular spaces
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certainly frequent in this condition but is by no means pathogno-
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crease of fibrous tissue, and cortical atrophj have also been observed
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incidence of pellagra may to some extent be explained in this way, it is
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which discharge their contents into it. It is quite soft and com-
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pellagra. In her family there are three other cases of pellagra. Her sister,
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years ago, the year following her mother's death. In June, 1905, the first
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Klemperer 43 observed that in diabetic mellitus the blood contains
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on November 19 was 635 per cent; on the 30th, 132.5 per cent., and on Decem-
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stein determines by a preliminary trial which type predominates by
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the fact that the direction of back pressure is toward the fistula, no
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11. A precaution to be exercised is that the solutions must not be too dilute
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recurrences in the fifth year. Of the fifteen with definite record,
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31. Levy, Rowntree and Marriott: The Archives Int. Med., 1915, xvi, 389.
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after a longer depletion period. Experience has shown that a similar
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law is probably of wide applicatioi under conditions in which it is not
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vesicles which to some extent had become confluent and which dis-
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tions, incoherence, or a tendency to somnolence. Some of these
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forcible pulsations of the arteries of the neck have been noted.
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in many cases ceased suddenly at the arch of the aorta, but that in
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before breakfast was very marked, more so than that with the same
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Summary of the Action of the Drugs on the Rate and Amplitude of the Excursions and on
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the lumen of the gland becomes occluded. In the later stages the
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died in October of the same year. This was one of the earliest-known cases
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to rupture. In this way lymph or chyle escapes, either by transu-
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In these experiments the fibrinogen solution used consisted of one
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detached endarterium adhering at some points in the arch of the
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may lead to an examination of the heart and thus establish a diag-
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