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Diagnosis. When hairs are expectorated or escape from a fistulous

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ulation is carried out by the government authoritj

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bacteria and permit of their filtration. This procedure is however not to be

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ly cured. On several occasions he contracted chancroids which he

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destroying these germs which are to be found in the grey margin of

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For facial spasms tic spasmodic torticollis tremor.

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tubercular disease and primary malignant neoplasm of the lungs

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of this condition. At night the child s sleep is greatly disturbed the

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lesions. That extensive pathological alterations are often

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drawn concerning the changes which take place in the

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teria were to the fore. Dr. Klein announces that he had

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eased they should be removed with bone forceps until a

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resolution of those substances into new combinations.

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the By Laws and at the suggestion of Dr. Bateman the Pres

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tients whose lives have already been risked by the opera