action of alkalies for a much longer period than the cylinder-epithe-
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pensity, and her sister assured me that since her mishap she is certain she had
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and the inflammation of this latter brings the deposit of a sufficient quantity of
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arrangements for the wintering of delicate persons in elevated situ-
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deaths. Of these, 55, with 35 recoveries and 20 deaths, were
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tissue, we see a red fleshy mass instead of the paler myoma
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plied small bags containing a given weight of arsenic to the cellular tissue,
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and I have never found it disliked or rejected, but its repetition rather looked
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But to begin our review of the contents, we find that first of
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complicating pre^ancy. A woman, sst. 36, primipara, was delivered
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neck of the womb in childbirth, and the scar is a favorite I
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a little above the middle of the thigh. This was immediately followed by a
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other obstructive conditions of nose and throat. The
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in the head. The patient cries out or groans, falls, the
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presented to us by Dr. Farre, in the chapter on worms, which next claims atten-
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child, some weeks after the operation, vision was reduced to the
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though a piece of small cord had been tied tightly round the first
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rule. A good many persons, on the other hand, find a no-
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Assistant-Physician to the Coombe Lying-in HospitaL John
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the sanatoria and spas in search of the elusive thing, all
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We shall perhaps treat him most fairly by placing an abstract
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enemy by large and frequent reinfections from the out-
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are innocently infected by their husbands, who may have
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says, with advantage, in the treatment of erysipelas, the sulphate of iron as an
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right wing, to which the patient had belonged, were at once put on
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by any reflex nervous influence. It may, however, be said that
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intemperance were, for the most part, attributable to epidemic and endemic
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with. Per vaginam, the tumour is readily perceptible, but in
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richt* for 1867, p. 447), where he noted '^Einc mattgraue