described in the text, have been made from time to time on the Continent.
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perchloride of iron (Gerhardt's reaction). Acetone can also be detected.
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We beg the legislative committee to take a serious view ol
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S. Weir Mitchell: Investigations and Insights into Neurasthenia and
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Under the simple treatment bj puncture, the limpid fluid
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organism. In its nature it is a dilatation of one or more veins, caused
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passenger the Kev. Mr. Shaw, whose acquaintance we had made in Mar-
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transport considerations would allow. Circumstances will still
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attempts have been made in this country to bring together and to
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mucous membrane it acts as an excellent tonic, greatly
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control of such a man as Dr. Patton, it will make its mark for
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labor, with erysipelas of the head and face, was unavoidably
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shivering, which recurred on the following days : on the 15th
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movement ; he simply Kes on his back atrophied and helpless.
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dle, it is most suitable to study the relationship between auricular and
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deciding whether or not a patient has stenosis by angulation, for
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cases of commitment, but perhaps the judges may have
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to the edge of the tank is actually lost within a few inches from the edge
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oedematous, the upper eyelid overlapping the lower ; the patient is quite
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on a bed of straw or grass, and a twitch applied on the nose. Put
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ings of the animals — swamps, stable-fluids — makes it almost sure
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the health of the workers (Decree of July 10, 1913), and the general
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