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which cannot be safely played with, — Med. Times and Gazette, Jan. 31, 1880.

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of non-immime workmen would be the signal for an outbreak. The

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lobar pneumonia which came under his observation, the

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position of the uterine canal and is so constructed that it

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Germans have looked upon them as identical. Roux and

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he had received at their hands during the past year.

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liams (F. H.) A more comfortable way of using cold in

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plan of organization presented by the Committee on Organiza-

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which secured to him the large good will and respect which be enjoyed.

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vessels phagocytes and parasites containing pigment are perceptible within the

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X. Visual acuity. — (a) Acuity for distance: Test each eye sepa-

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may occur rarely in the disease, or, on the other hand, they may be devel-

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If a written Rx is inconvenient or not possible, it

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For the intermediate, twenty-one candidates presented themselves, seventeen of whom

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garded as the points of distribution. Copies of the forms now in

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organized, than those of other animals, to play the part of a forcing

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Manchester, England, is said to be generally Bncoeaaft:

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has warned us that the nearer we are to our objective the harder must we strive

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the v. Pirquet Tuberculin test reaction and to our cases will, I believe, be time well

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gastric contents will escape into the abdominal cavity

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mind on the body, and physicians may learn something

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sugar was as easily shown as if the potash had not been made

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antitoxin serum, which protects 50,000 grams of guinea-pigs, contains

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Jack of Aberdeen, who wrote ' Institutiones Medicae,' became a

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Sept. 3rd, and attended by Mr. Miles of Fenny Strat-

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doubt jteripheral in their nature. But we should be cautious in

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when a limb is placed upon higher ground than its fellow, as

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many lesions may be found on the trunk, on the upper arms, and on

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motion is then added to each sample, and in five to ten minutes the

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the object; and, in consequence, forcing efforts to overcome the

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suggest the possibility of there being a peritoneal inflexion. There was no other

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4. Dilatation, — This condition depends on the accumulation of urine or

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as a doctor among his congregation. Brought up in different

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