Treatment. — Prophylaxis is of great importance. The avoidance of
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A case of poisoning by fly- water, in which two grains and a half of arsenious
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ing to a more sustained drainage than we j^et in a single packing of
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fully removed by teasing. The fragment of steel was
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so peculiarly affected by it, that we are compelled altogether to
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attack is prolonged beyond the period indicated, it is kept up by compli-
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Treatment of Fractures of the Lower End of the Humerus and
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cancer of the rectum, tongue, or stomach, which necessitates a
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other form of poisoning. The occurrence of arsenic normally in the
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and alcohol. According to Dr. Buckler, in combination
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ture and pulse are valuable guides to prognosis and treat-
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followed by flexion, etc., and I can not see how it is possible to put the
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microscopic changes. Large doses cause death in healthy guinea-pigs
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with aqueons vapor spontaneonslj raised by evaporation. If the atmosphere
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If this light be passed through the slit of a spectroscope, two
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organized in Washington in 1891, having for its special object
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the good, faithful physician, we do expect to make a very great reduction
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discoveries mark an epoch in the history of medicine. It
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months and has not recurred. He passed through an attack of the
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monias and those of the aged and drunkards are often without cough.
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rheumatism, gout, arthritis, etc. ; but they should be
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third (31 per cent.) of his cases of delirium tremens were epileptic ; while
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ing body, which presented very much the appearance of
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tion, or croupous processes, lack induration, and at the borders
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but it was not enforced. Denver has lately made it a punishable offense to spit
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Surgical Diagnosis and the Time to Operate in Appendicitis, by
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systems. We can expect to see that state of flux persist as the uncertainty over
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f eaoe, will always depend upon the kind of patronage they receive.
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Pneumonitis is to he excluded by the absence of the symptoms and signs
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of any use in this late stage of the case. I proposed
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