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form of a connected layer of membrane, should take place. So far

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birds with a well-developed sternal crest and considerable power of

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carbohydrate, fasting should be practised one day in seven; when the

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doses of any of the above prescriptions just before the patient goes to

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venereal excesses, injections of fluid into the uterine cavity, and

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traindication. The time should be at least 20 minutes, and generally

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changes in temperature. In general it is sedative in its action, with a

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obituary of last month. Mr Nasmyth, F.R.C.S.E., and Sur^

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1867. Nor in any instance in India has the outbreak been traced

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became normal, about the seventh day. Some weeks later the patient again developed

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physiology out and out, in all its connexions and antecedents.

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arresting the entry of the poison into the circulation be practised.

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