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most suggestive evidence comes from Neustaedter and Thro, who
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tions. Consulted Dr. T. C. Janeway on November 7, 1911. Four years before,
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such cases only as present strongly marked symptoms of comjiression,
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will find that, although they appear to pass by insensible degrees into one
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Von Bergmann. Cerebral Lesions, Volk Sammlung klin. Vortrage, 190, p. 1541.
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to normal appearance. If the necrosis occurs in the periportal zone,
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This being the case, what is the connection between tuberculosis
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heart disease, or .pulmonary tuberculosis a factor in the process;
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support impossible. During this period he felt chilly and ill. At 3 o'clock
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esting later to find whether or not the lowered mortality in certain
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is vast, considering the number of combinations which it must involve, and
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or an abscess in a mesenteric gland, or the point of origin may be
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She stated that up to this period her general health had been good, but that of
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delayed development, the large liver and limited respiratory expansion.
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By early tuberculosis, then, we mean an earlier stage than physi-
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and with many club-shaped involution forms. Branching forms
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good condition. Although the absolute evidence of the fact that
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glandular involvement, but especial enlargement of the mesenteric
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The difficulty of obtaining a family history in the case of patients
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to the care and reserve with which the term "positive by x-ray' ' is
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ominous significance. I have seen it associated with anorexia,
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transmission of infantile paralysis. For example, the hypothesis
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no evidence of present inflammation even of low grade, the tendency
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In the third, fourth, aud fifth, this was wanting, and through the space thus
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cellular membrane. Gangrene in this location may either be diffused or circum-
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rica," is made up chiefly with accounts of the yellow fever at Phila-
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ing or removing the causes of others which are incidental, but not necessary to
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patients were told to consult the dentist merely, but I accompanied
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Queirolo and Benvenuti. Icterus, Policlinico, 1900, vii, 374.
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to produce this ettect. The flame of a spirit lamp, urged by a com-
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bronchus. Owing to this failure to completely contract, an excess
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circulation is not unfrequently entirely arrested, and a separation of
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from the filtrate, but with some uncertainty. I have heard of no such
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are caused by an action on the peripheral cardiac tissue itself.
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employed in a set of experiments on the blood of cholera patients, which were
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= 212. (Time in one-fifth and one- fiftieth seconds.)