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Hospital and City Hospital throughout the year, as follows : First half
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is really little pathological evidence of acute polioencephalitis in children.
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Attending Physicians: Drs. Frederick Tice, Archibald Hoyne (contagious), Lee
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termine how far the neurasthenic condition may be the result of some pre-
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Fig. 2. — Pernicious Anaemia, a. Normocyte, b. Poikilocyte. c. Macrocyte. d. Microcyte.
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a. Allowances are listed In Table 12-3 at the end of this chapter.
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pyramidal tract. The fact is that often, even in complete motor paraplegia,
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1 There is a remarkable general rule which should be mentioned here, and which is perhaps to
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WQiU College, Montreal; Bishop's College^ Montreal; University
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(a cool, pale skin in the one, a hot, red skin in the other) is not infrequent,
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b. ^?0«i AtfospKo tlM«cat ftK^^ t.^oi«toHttJM#),'tM#^*Nt^rMR'/^
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■appreniioes, who shall bave the benefit of all the praotioe of the Infirmary with-
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patient begins to complain of shortness of breath and is subject to marked
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■'!) Normally has some fat on base and about the middle.
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sabseqnently posted in the Medical School, and printed copies thereof sent to-
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[One reason why colchicum has fallen into relative disuse is that the re-
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itself usually feels tense. If we exert pressure on it with the hand, we can
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monoplegic paralysis. It is particularly characteristic that, as the abscess
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patients, the making of routine laboratory examinations, and observation of the course
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Alkaline detergents routinely used - sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, sodium
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as equivalent to one course of lectures upon Materia Medica and Thera-
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Class certificate is recognised by the General Medical Council, provided
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largement of the liver develops, which gradually turns into hepatic cirrhosis
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If we have to limit ourselves to a purely symptomatic treatment, injections
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velopment and are therefore coordinate with each other. Hydromyelus
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Note. — Residencies in Roentgenology are hospital appointments providing compensation. Students
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what is malegra 100
This course is generaUy held during the summer session, but will also
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Fowrth surrmver half-yea/r: Medical Clinic, General Clinic, Surgical
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pharmacy, &c., and in his leisure hours should read medicine and
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Gezon, Horace Martin, a, w, sp, Grand Rapids, Mich. Calvin C.
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passed the First Anatomical examination of these bodies, will haye to
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course of the disease. We must also be sure that the existing symptoms do
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Dut the c^ea^in a Itt t2 iL^"^'* "^^^^ ^^^^'^^ '^^ usual procedure is to
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as much as possible by the vicarious actions of other organs. The disturb-
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desires, etc., by signs. They sometimes employ signs in a way that is quite