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than by his physician is largely due to those medical

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39 Hepar Sul., Sulphur.— Dyspepsia, Cardialgia, Diarrhoeas, Gravel.

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Hence a diet which does not correspond to the usual dietary habit of the patient

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our more temperate zones it scarcely ever occurs. Bastianello

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brings new data, supplementing and correcting what had

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with their meat-eating Mohammedan brethren, while Europeans

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operations, which he began the use of over two years

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promptly and easily of a small movement, to which no

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the Local Board distributed to their houses, but had been in the habit of

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tion, or bichloride, 1-50000, One irrigation of one quart a day is suffi-

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cause. If the pain is very severe analgesics may be tried.

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that time had led me to believe that an inspection of the tympanic

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tome i, p. 326, Paris, 1813). The tumors described by

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til the tuberculous tide had risen so high as to engulf

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repeated efibrts. In the two cases in which I did not succeed,

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his state examinations when war again called him to the camp,

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Tlii-; difficulty, however, is fast disappearing. The general health

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think possible. I have seen one case which pursued a violent course,

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The symptoms of acute and chronic suppuration in ovarian

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From a survey of the literature of recorded examples we are

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to know what treatment Dr. Cautley suggested in cases of colitis, as

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tion into the United States by land or sea, of any specific

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I have frequently tried this expedient, but I cannot say that it has been very

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by the conversion of matter ; but matter, to be converted, must

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we have seen. — Glasgow Medical ,Tow'nal,'Nov. 1882.

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encouraged doctors to visit with their patients about

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There were many cases in my practice upon whom I had

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paraplegia, with fixed right ovarian hyperaesthesia ; no

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for each flfteen boys. The outhouses in country schools should be

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this city, consulted me regarding this troublesome and

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Warrant is to be made public or not. We sincerely hope that

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j that heavy rains caused choking of the mains, and

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frequent with easier expectoration. The fever is less.

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involved only secondarily; in 1 the pancreas seemed to be the

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cated by disintegration and solution of the particle of fibrin has

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e the skin is hot and burning. The pains increase, causing

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as merely a very safe and innocent operation for the removal of imme-

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