colic generally; but its pathology is very uncertain.

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it largely as a contro-stimulant, says its local action is exerted more particularly

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other laboratory (anatomy) for the work. The Kurator sarcastically

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questions, it was not ascertained \hether the left nostril and left half of the

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into the hospital with the evidence in favor of acute pneumonia,

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when it removes arsenic from solution and soluble combinations, it acts by chemically

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to an extent of one and a half inches in diameter. The rest of the ante-

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rouse her, or to cause her to swallow; permanent contractions of the pupils;

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in the winter and spring of 1834. The symptoms were most alarming, and

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the circulatory tree, namely, in the fingers, toes, and face. Recog-

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which the attainment of scientific truth has been prevented or delayed, we

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necessary to change the setting of her belief. To do this either

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been called repeatedly to the changing needs by our presiding

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of most of our dogs, the conditions this year seem to be essentially

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things for the sake of which the sacrifice was made) differ from

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have been very bad for him had he not learned to utilize them in

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antitoxic action. The demonstration of a cure for pneumonia has

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the pelvic region, which subsided with the discharge.

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of hepatic inflammation, followed by her former dropsical complaints. The disten-

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lowed some warm sling before I arrived; on examining the head the scalp

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sides. The orifice of the aorta was contracted so that the forefinger filled

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face, scalp, and extremities of this patient; one crop of ]iustules was succeeded

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were areas of suppuration near the thoracic duct and extensive

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ceps, by an incision with a bistoury, and the calculus was then re-

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ter, he adopted a difl'erent mode of operating, which was attended with very

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connected with this imperfect filling, but severe enough to cause

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opposing points, little benefit seems likely to follow an incision if

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During the intervals of freedom treatment must be directed

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almost amounting to terrror. When her brother died (still earlier,

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no violent colic, and twenty-four hours afterwards experienced scarcely any

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spine, connected witli organic or functional derangement of the kidneys. It

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lobe of the left lung; no other traces of disease were found, excepting in the

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wards, so as to form an obtuse angle, at a point between the cartilages of

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and throat a little sore, for two days, when an eruption exactly resembling mea-

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19, 1912. One blood-culture was made, with negative result. The patient

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The intensity of the tmfemoit, according to M. Bricheteau, increases in a ratio