The whole night following this attack he was wakeful and rest-

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below will be found to be of great aid in species determination:

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alcohol solution in a 25 ml volumetric flask and pipette

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(1) The meningococci are divided antigenically into groups

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and legs. All night the pains were very bad, sometimes so sharp across

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of syphilitic symptoms ; paralysis of the respiratory muscles of

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of the menses in a healthy woman accustomed to menstruate

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Russell, Rozeboom, and Allanstone, Keys to the Anopholine

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cally for 4 weeks before being discarded as negative. If carbon

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a. Fix tissue (blocks not over 1 mm thick) in 10 percent for-

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constitutional symptoms subside. The spread of the false membrane is

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Treatment. — The management of influenza turns upon common-sense

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members of this genus transmit certain filarial worms from man to

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and examined with a one-twelfth oil-immersion lens. Should the case be

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proper. Arrested development (hypoplasia) must not be confused

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diploma is a valueless, unmeaning piece of paper (even sheepskin

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slightly febrile (99° or 100° F.) As the true rash appears, the temperature

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tion both in the local and general symptoms. There is a rapid diminution

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twenty-four to thirty-six hours we have only the signs of pulmo-

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sterile container (a vaccine bottle is satisfactory) and

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for epidemiological purposes, into numerous specific

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plague by fleas, and typhus by lice. Also of importance are the