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power of increasing (leucocytosis). They are natural defenders, arrest-

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DJ (ed): Arthritis and Allied Conditions. Philadelphia, Lea & Febiger, 197^

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1 Recently it has been suggested to use the cold produced by the evaporation of

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man Hospital, Philadelphia. Tr. Coll. Phys. Phila., 1898,

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Cross and Blue Shield. Dr. White is an assistant clinical

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' Ehrenberg's genus Bodo was afterward assigned to other genera in

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thr(H^ remeilios that suggested themselves as I hastily recalled the indi-

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and feet were paretic; defecation was sometimes spontaneous, and micturition difficult.

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well elsewhere. When the palate has a ridge along its

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plant is a germ, and undoubtedly Pasteur's noted researches

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Cantani . di laurea. Moigagni. Napoli, 1884. xxvi, 735-

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observation are likely to have cases of " angina pectoris " come un-

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ural mobility. He sometimes alluded to this form as the

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desire for water was so great he told the nurse to bring it,

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Blois says about tonsillitis occurring after tonsillotomy

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it involves the medium-sized bronchi. The temperature is ab-

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1810 only five medical schools in existence with an

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'•A Simple Mode of tabulating Symptoms in Clinical

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any special organ special terms are used, as gastroptosis,

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tous effusion ; the overlying epidermis, which at first gives way and is

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injury, without leading any nearer to a correct diagnosis.

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All of the animals in this group, with eight exceptions, developed

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more information regarding the large towns. In Glasgow we

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The Rajputs of the eastern portion of the United Provinces