or headache in a person advanced in years. These last symptoms, indeed,
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more commonly in affections of the brain or lungs, it is also well
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does not seem to give rise to greater mortality than it does in temperate
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Quarantine, remarks on, 137, 141, 190, 201, 206, 216, 245,
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interfere with the results of treatment. The massage was
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flicts which arose in twentieth century reality. What
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"physically." He probably means physiologically, or
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p. 215.) A medical man cannot always be responsible for unfortunate con-
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by new eruptions diffusely spread over the skin sur-
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cisternae and the course of the cranial nerves through the
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With regard to muscles, the only disease which need be men-
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prone to it than others. In women it may appear at the menopause. It
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to take up the secretions and which should be frequently changed if
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ing together the muscles, often in several tiers of sutures, be-
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If we listen to the painful part of the chest at this period,
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and Gumier upon an extensive scale, show satisfactorily that they can
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to be married to ^Ir. Pike, the gentleman who conducted
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refute the experiments of Koch, but, on the contrary, all has tended to
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pert in the Journal de Dietetique et de Bacteriotherapie, July 19, 1912. Partly, it is
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made in an " active " pattern, i.e., Avith the arch high enough to supi-
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vidual, particularly during sleep, that its incubation
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dent from the strange coincidences so often seen in
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local offices, with the name and title of the person
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thirty -three of which are designed to illustrate his treatise on the formation
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regarded as only temporary expedients, which may serve
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which occur in the reports from all countries, are to be thus exj^lainod,
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his nephew, offered a prize of 12,000 francs to the author
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with minute doses of carbolic acid or iodine, while the dyspepsia