error on the part of the same University, which was
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with the ^lobe of the eye, since it is this which supplies the sensory root to the
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The proportion of cases in which an arrest of the disease is effected is
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book was published, the "British Medical Journal " published a
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mucous surfaces most commonly involved are those of the
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3. A clinical demonstration of any foetal malformation is given to the
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than that of flexion towards the abdomen. Another diagnostic symptom
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not always, symmetrical. In place of paralysis, we sometimes meet with
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being sent to the Association to hold their annual meeting in
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mucoid in character. If at the same time there are other lesions which
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highly important to be cognisant of these changes during the life of the
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wall ; such an occurrence might cause external hemorrhage. The foetus is born
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the submucous tissue. Sometimes, however, the edge becomes vnder-
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cluded in the scar tissue, there was aphonia before operation, and
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the patient, to be relieved, needs only to avoid contact with wheat
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and urethra being of great importance, owing to the presence of
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he is quite as obligingly willing to convey to his public the latest
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broken through the social conventions which have screened this enemy
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of them in the intake. Experimental observation shows that with ade-
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dominal section." (Stephen .Smith, Operative Surgery )
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operations. Am. J. Oplith., St. Loiii.s, 1897, xiv, 200.—
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in the chemical work of such cells; and, indeed, the liver tissue has been
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has no census reports of her vital and mortuary statistics. We have
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the pulse from 80 to 118 in four hours. Perforation of the
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ring, and extending to a point in a line drawn from the anterior superior spine
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2*70 per cent., but the quantity of albumen diminishes
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Dynamite, and dynamite explosion, and cartridge . 6
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of ■ympathelic fibres. Now, since the ciliaiy or lenticular ganglion, by its long roots, is connected with the nasal
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are immune from glanders ; although they are typically sus-
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and witnessed an operation in a case in which no lesions
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to the occurrence of the adipose degeneration, and does
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