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Clarke, C. K. — The Pharmacopoeia of the Toronto General
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centre when the colon is involved. The form of the coils of the small
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All communications should be addressed to the Honorary Secretary,
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patients, who have gone a voyage against my advice, have greatly benefited,
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virulence of tuberculous material. A great many experiments have been
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that emphysema often has its beginning in early youth.
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of which the causation is not so definitely known. The diseases, then,
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experience of gout and lead poisoning, I am of opinion that in nearly every
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Death from this disease is very common — a large proportion, equalling
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may be begun by means of bread and milk, Benger's food and milk, or the
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spinal cord, hence the paralysis met with during life.
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relief, resulting in the prolongation of life, has resulted in some cases.
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dilatation of the small venules in the pharynx, and generally to a condition
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