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Anterior Serous Perimetritis Simulating Ovarian Sarcoma

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ordinarily produce sufficient epinephrin to stimulate the sympathetic

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ployed with either general or local anesthesia. The

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altered remains of the original skeletal matrix. Around

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accordance with the old rule that the cure shows the nature of

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insane at Agnew. Dr. McFarlane favored the keeping of the

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This case was selected because of the suppurating mastoid to see if any

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erated protein catabohsm and tissue autolysis caused by the action

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to the normal intestine. Thin pastes made up of eucalyp

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fell on L days to the amount of. inches the greatest fall

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for syphilis. Argutinsky in an examination of two samples of sweat

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or BOTH PERIODICALS furnished FREE OF POSTAGE for Five Dollars remitted

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molecule of the body thus CH CO.OH. in a rational formula

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beginning in infancy continued without producing any serious changes.

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with a strong solution of nitrate of silver for several

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sulphate of potassium to thirty gallons of warm water often answers

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in quieting the nervous disturbances and aid in reducing the tempera

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will show more or less thickening of heart walls. The same is true

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Llotjct Ablation dun Sarcome du Mtsentere et Resection d un metre

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and increased as a result of syphilitic infection. This is the point

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in a large percentage of treated cases. Although selenium i