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of fever, thirst, and dryness of skin. About the 20th or 21st,

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class of 1867, A.M., 1870. After graduation in 1867 he spent a

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of the corresponding member of the body. All these symptoms are best illus-

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Department, and Gynecologist in that institution. He

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is both infelicitous in statement and untrue in fact. The infer-

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were seized. Some were attacked at great distances ; some had

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ure of the fraternity of carpenters, use a carver's graver. The

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quently associated with intercostal neuralgia. The uterine dis-

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The antecedents of Dr. Bulkley are traced to the earliest days of

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The symptoms, course, duration, and termination of the dis-

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he has found time to contribute many valuable papers to

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tion and sight, as well as through those of motion, etc.

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large number of soldiers who perished shortly after their

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to be treated? How is he assured that the drug will produce the

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Medical Association, also the New York Pathological Society. He

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interest and value ; and all our professional brethren are hereby

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necessary to confine his practice absolutely to the specialty.

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The immediate effects were heat and burning in the mouth and

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feasts of the forthcoming congress, and rattle its jaws in flesh-

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elbow, are sometimes isolated, sometimes complicated by

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eaters. We should try, therefore, if there is severe pain, to give relief as long

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been of importance and value to the profession, including papers that

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some major, surgical operations could be performed without

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puncture was then made into the floor of the mouth ; and a gal-

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fessor of Abdominal Surgery and Gynecology, Albany Medical Col-

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as an appropriate rallying-ground ; since when the London jour-

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cranial dilapidations caused by the surgeon. Therefore it is

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both were Americans. Her father, Dr. John Trow Cleaves,

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