middle of them opening wide its mouth. It could drink but

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Relationship of the Parasite to Chylocele of the Tunica Vagi

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artery. In the latter case the immediate cause usually is exposure of

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Treatment. Before undertaking treatment it is most important to find

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Unquestionably there is a disposition on the part of some prac

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The patient being laid on his back the sound was sufficiently clear

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reaching them by way of the blood stream or ureters and lymph channels

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primarily involuntary are comparatively common. Malingering

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pulsory images. KrafiFt Ebing emphasizes especially

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the most important substance. One and a half per cent.

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ments on animals and the treatment of disease of the cord in

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form of disease are subject to fever. One can see in

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in consequence of the death of their infant and various other

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foetus from the uterine cavity. There is then no strong

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Journal of Comparative Medicine for this month it is

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confounding simple enteritis with follicular enteritis or dothinenteria or

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tube with warm water from a funnel or syringe holding the

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through the electrolyte is equal to the weight of the ion

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diminishes and death occurs with diarrhoea. In the blood and in the

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activity and repeat chest radiographs indicated diffuse

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ciation of American Medical Colleges meeting in St.

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other oxidations therefore the respiratory quotient must

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ths horse at sea is equally true for the one ashore.

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to Colorado New Mexico or Arizona and live outdoors live

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habit. Those due to sensory impressions are manifest in

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contain quinia and that they probably are those which only are endowed with

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health in two ways first by the water itself causing a cold soil

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story. The commercial side that is the market value of

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half that caused by labor disputes. per cent or one

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with comfort yet the blood count had not improved mudi. This was

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weeks. Through this gentleman I received the follow

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House to house visitation by sanitary inspectors to abate nuisances

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stalls should be large and roomy. Box stalls are best

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ing were normal. The right hemiplegia was partial. He could

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the means which Laennec has pointed out for the relief of the

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very generally overlooked. The influence of hospitals of

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the common sad history of many a case of ovarian dropsy and

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militia. In a number of the States notably in the West and in

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color reactions to the pneumococcus found in the lung the so called

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again the pigs can be weaned at six or eight weeks of

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New Instruments were sliown by Dr. Theobald Dr. Sex

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or two were allowed between applications. At the end

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trical changes in the blood an hypothesis apparently supported

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to act and it vvas the movement of the bowels which would

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favorable conditions should be warned over and over again to regard

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vex in the inwards this same wort is very beneficial

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to a metro peritonitis but there is rarely any indication of such a

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scientific knowledge and oratorical ability but the results have been

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these names should be discarded until a precise nomenclature can be agreed

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chorioid may be equalized or balanced by an exit of the filtrated fluid