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Department of the Platte. September 17, r S S 3 ) .

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Initial laboratory findings revealed a blood glucose of

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highest lateral part of the diaphragm, generally measures about

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(cLiii.) Dr. "William Stark and his works are mentioned in Note lx.

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8 Salzman RT, Howell DS. Ricca LR Aberrancy in clinical

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bacteria are known and the addition of a single drug is not

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but still there were evidences of repair. It should be borne

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Order Siphonajjtera : Family Pulicidce : Genera Pulex and

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d Res. Phys. andAnat. ii, 31,34,39, 42. Blood, new ed. by Wright, p. 206-11,

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RESOLVED, that the Medical Society of New Jersey with-

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they recur sometimes weekly and sometimes after an interval

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tion of the nucleus and envelope in the corpuscle of the lower vertebrata

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they may be seen to become suddenly elongated, twisted, bent, or in-

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The main duties of the President are to represent the

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still the motion of the blood was not accelerated. I then asked

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repeat the pertinent aspects of the neurological examination

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tubercle bacillus, to the deficiency of the experimental

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wit' 1 ii - N,, \v Method forita Proper lb pair, etc. - 341

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were 60 years of age or over. Analysis of medical records of 425

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animals will increase the amount of food consumed when

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hematology, immunology, infectious diseases, nephrology, neurology, pulmonary dis-

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By pressing up the abdominal wall a small incision was

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tion. The character of the urinary sediment altered eighteen

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out of bed. The attacks were unattended with pain or even

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we cannot otherwise account for, it may be well founded, al-

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fically applicable to the patient with a fistula proximal to the

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He drank a glass of water, and did not faint, and he appeared

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by disease, as for example, behind the ear for the toothache, or

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foci. These collections of pus had appeared within a month

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malaria figures of the month following, a rough concordance is obtained

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ened. Ligaments relaxed, allowing abduction of tibia

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the intestines of the patient having been previously emptied by means

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above, in-patient hospitalization and treatment is difficult

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to within a few lines of the tracheotomy orifice. A few small

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did. Having said this, I must add, in justice likewise to Mr.

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those physicians who have acted as surveyors for the hos-

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Trustees of the Medical Society of New Jersey “implored all

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consortial separation represent excellent opportunities (often

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this field, is a must for anyone who must answer the most

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Ashhurst adds that other cases followed by recovery, and

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78 Mr. Wainewright's Case of Fracture of Head of Radius.

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second day; this gradually decreased until it reached its present