was found in the excised ulcer. Submucous gummas form the majority of

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Accidents, complications, and sequelae of radium therapy. As regards

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gives fairly accurate results when a dilution of 15 or more volumes

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' spirocide '. Analysis showed that a dose of 10 gm. contained 23 per cent.

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dried and examined in oil, and if satisfactory is mounted in balsam or

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8 Catherine Rourke, aet. 36, was admitted into the Fever Hospital,

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to determine whether a given albumin body is present in pure

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Haemoptysis occurred three or four times a year on an average, but did

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onstrate that during anaphylactic shock, caused by the intravenous

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for the specimen exposed to air. Progressive destruction, however, sterilizes

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malacial focus in the heart-muscle which gives rise to inflammatory reaction.

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thyroid hypoplasia. Deglos suggests that in an infective process in which

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Perhaps the walls of the cyst, thickened as they were by dis-

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than the rest of the person, medical gentlemen holding each

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bacilli were returned to the usual cultural conditions. W. B.

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(For a discussion of the question see Medical Science 1920-1, 3, 332.)

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the most important signs. Given cyanosis, three conditions call for con-

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there conflicting results. In every case in which there was definite allergy

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up the ethyl butyrate to this extent. We may speak then of a

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In the majority of cases careful urinary examinations were made

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ful to demand postural adaptation of the opposite half of the body. In

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the tissue of which was composed of cells fairly well differentiated toward

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diameter value for the 22 cases being 7-69 u. The average red cell diameters

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unless a quantity of spinal fluid five or ten times greater than that

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nomic nervous system dominates the more recently developed cerebrospinal,

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duration of life after my discovery of high blood-pressure in the