Bert J. Vos, Jr., Ph.D., Instructor in Pharmacology.
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method cabled t|» hydrog^ peroxide catalase systeJB. In this fs»thod, raw milk Is -
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paralysis of the quadriceps sometimes follows acute articular rheumatism and
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sensibility of the joint surfaces, ligaments, and tendons. All of these parts,
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vertebral arteries, and then block up the basilar. Thrombosis is of more fre-
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tions of the retina. The degree of this limitation sometimes shows manifest
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♦ha il^S'^ '*?IL!!f*^*^®'' devices 'sane^ifes- lined with hooks /whidr are used to anchor
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From this acid the purin bodies (adenin, guanin, lrypoxanthin, xanthin) are
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or limar no^le Iwdlng on t^fwon. The Air FOrce^S' research proieets liwlude tfsting
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brane follicles, etc.). The enlargement of the bronchial and retrobronchial
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Carl C. Pfeiffer, Ph.D., Instructor in Pharmacology.
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zone of language, and the agraphia is manifested not only by inability to write
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standing until he has passed the required examination in the studies
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invasion. This was not the case in the Massachusetts epidemic, where gastro-
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session— Histology and Practical Physiology (one summer and one
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the College of Surgeons, 25 guineas ; unlimited, 37 guineas. Entrance
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val for thei"ir use was cArtair^. "Riese cxsurse packages .contain
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and the like offices in connection with special departments of disease.
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(or subcutaneous injections of sodium cacodylate, etc.) are prescribed; if there
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must be prepared for a possible relapse. The disease may appear repeatedly
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suppliers as is practicable so as to assure full and free coi^tltlon. In both metheKJs
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become partly or wholly self-supporting. In some instances they can be so
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The relations of hysterical contractures to the articular neuralgias have
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'Botany." " This course is recognised by the Court of Examiners of the
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Attending Physicians: Drs. Frederick Tice, Archibald Hoyne (contagious), Lee
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influences in their production (vide infra), but no absolute proof has yet been
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and its branches. Even the unaided eye detects a grayish opacity in the
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develop secondarily after the patient has become depressed; they are painful
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Fitzgerald (C. P.). Case of Pellagra in Massachusetts. Jour. Cutan. Dis.,
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•when naking good cottage cheese. The pnaedures pf making starter from a B»ther cul-
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as well developed, and there is less of the psychomotor retardation, or slow-
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Davidoff, Manuel Abraham, a, w, sp, Newark, N.J. A.B. (Ohio State U.) } 33.
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externships in the hospital. Other students may take the course as one course. Daily,
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Honovra. — A first-class certificate of merit will be awarded to the
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Treatment. — Although therapeutic endeavors are rarely permanently and
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We term the symptoms of loss of function directly dependent upon the
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state of slow onset, in which the patient becomes . extremely suspicious, de-
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we>6»ffi flavoring ingredients produce a positive phosphatase test. Flavoring ingredients
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will make a calculation of the fayonrable andunfayonrable marks given
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posus soon attains considerable thickness. The countenance grows more
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theoretical examination on all the fonr subjects mentioned above.
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p.m. Billings Hospital M137. Hodges, Brunschwig, Templeton.
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coolant converts fwaji liquid to gas and the teniperature of the chamber is reduced to
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