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— the alimentary carbohydrates and hydrocarbons in general— may
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to lead to attacks sufiiciently frequent and long-continued for its
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of this organ. Even to examine the eye thoroughly requires a large
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stitution, occujjation and manner of life, and the particular mode in
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is an old-established fact. It almost always happens that the obesity
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fever or congestion of some internal organ may result. Many a fatal
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far each had fulfilled their respective engagements.
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tration of morphia hypodermically. Sweet oil in large doses has
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of diffuse mj'ositis in a case of poisoning by ammonia.
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turbed. The intellect may appear to be weakened and the memory
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mation of an embolus or the plugging up of some distant arterial
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of some of the phenomena of acute rheumatism, is a position which
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the press of the country, is now regarded as a failure. With our
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disturbance of the thermal apjjaratus there can be no doubt.
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not the osseous, but the fibrous and serous, elements — the capsules,
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questions is as yet unending, and so much has been brought forward in sup-
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are injured and the hair often falls from the crown and dome of the
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The muscles of the arm form an important and interesting group.
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fered with articular inflammation, are subject to paroxysms of hemi-
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Regents soliciting such amendment of the charter as
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the patient catches a death cold from the direct drauo-ht of an
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Next to the hip the shoulder and knee are the joints most fre-
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involved in the conditions which we designate health. Health may
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the so-called renal typhoid. The albumin, cylinders, and blood in the urine,
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mon salt, is said to be beneficial. A teaspoonful of salt to a quart of
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cured by immersion of the affected limb in cold water. The illus-
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In these the active salt is sulphate of magnesium. In this they
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results in this form of disease. But as diabetics, who are at the same
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sensitiveness of gouty ijeople renders it also necessary for them to
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on this environment would suffice to produce the phenomena of mala-
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should be made from the lists in Tables I. and IV. As regards the
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stored functional activity of the kidneys being attended by a corresponding
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every time they take active exercise, such i^ersons are liable to be laid
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has been in successful operation for several years,