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or fifteen months after infection. In a recent discussion at the Royal
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The case is one in which the ventricles responded to impulses from
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as evidence of obstruction of the liver, with oliguria and albumin-
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three days <>r ;i week this should be increased to 1<> grains, and later
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from the fact that, whereas in tropical chyluria, chylocele, and the
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the separate functions of the two ascending convolutions? In Case 4
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such crude methods, or by any method which may be used post
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and the digestion improved by daily irrigation of the stomach with
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may have a superfluous digit, and another of the same family merely a
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actual increase in ammonia nitrogen in the urine. Boussingault's 20
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it was hoped to maintain a greatly improved state of health indefi-
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onset. One of the colored females, Pellagrin 406, had her first attack
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right thorax, a small portion of the right upper abdomen, and the
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into the orange are essential to prove the correctness of a Pettenkofer
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number of observations on which these percentages are based in these
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To a number of tubes containing 0.25 gm. of this placenta were
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returns of cases of acute rheumatism in the Collective Investigation
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of heart failure the patient should go to bed. By far the best results
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As the condition is so often encountered in youth, the enlargement
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reproductive organs, finding in this connection a liability to palpi-
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tions. Soon afterward, on April 13th, 1891, the writer ia tested the
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Pellagrin 917, Mrs. S. B., aged 30 years, niece by marriage, lived near her
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is faint or absolutely imperceptible. There is often delirium cordis.
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and the various symptoms of heart failure may be due to other de-
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hypertrophy of the heart in association with chronic renal disease and
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dropped to 8 or even 7% per minute. He died in one of these attacks,
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air sac. The number could not account for the extent of the lesions present.
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a history of probable psoas abscess in infancy, which, it was thought,
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If by the word " type " we mean no more than a prevalent and
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showed such marked variation that no conclusions could be drawn
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weakness, but upon disturbance in the nervous mechanism, and this
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digalen, and digipoten, seem to possess no decided advantage over the
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in increasing the heart-rate in my opinion is belladonna in doses of
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cle, and that even a long-continued irregular pulse may be indepen-
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tive reaction with 1 c.c. but as the blood was still positive further treatment
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positive reactions, even in such dilute solutions, with all ammonium
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toms of myxcedema reappear within three or four months it is an
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averaging 13.7 gm. per day. The single voidings during this period,
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Etiology.— As intimated elsewhere, foetal endocarditis is assumed
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8. Habitually Contracted Arteries in the Subjects of Pain, Anxiety, and Precordial and Abdominal
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and by Boyce and Beadles 3U in 1. Horsley BS mentions that in addi-
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eight cases of laparotomy in which, after operation, irritation of the
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occur with gout or diabetes. In cases of acute aortitis, which we