tc the therapeutical section Dr. Lewis Jones paper on ionic medication
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that this is invariably followed by a season of speedy and extreme
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ague is contagious. Dr. Cleghorn in his work on the Diseases of
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character of wax. It seems to lubricate the skin and prevent it
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tion occurring at first in the walls of a hair follicle.
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the increased size and the histologically over active condition of
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from excessive anorexia which could only be relieved by
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mendation to have the medical profession well repre
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different methods will not he discussed in this place. The
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brought before you. Most forcibly was it presented by
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daily by the house surgeon and dressers and on at least two occasions
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to persuade nervous patients to make the attempt and in some cases
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the usual source through which tuberculosis could be communicated
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periods varying from one month to three years. They seem enthusi
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Disinfectants.. The Determination of the Phenol Coefficient of some com
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probable no matter what treatment is advised that they will
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be covered porches where the beds could be placed both
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vided alwa r s that its technique is thoroughly understood
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of a great deal highly recommended but now seems to have
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uncommon. Dr. Thomson s paper was of much value and if
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character from uneasiness to violent and prolonged suffering occurs in more
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published by Messrs. Melland and Windsor of Manchester in the
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amputation is not performed. Dr. Peters had no doubt in hia
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That would leave the number of those not inoculated
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of mobility in such a growth. I have several times opened
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one. Such children ought to be fed up to the limits of their
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all right for the surgeon to go with the roentgenologist and study
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so it is with many of us in the matter of this higher
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the gum elastic membrane. The entrance of the gas into the short
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ground. Still the manufacture of iron and its use in
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nings of each week this enthusiastic and generous friend came
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far these statements will obtain confirmation and whether the bacillus
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the surgical procedure following nitrous oxid and oxygen