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daily. This regimen produced no amelioration ; after a time I was obliged
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happens, hyperchlorhydria with resulting intestinal dys-
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of this class makes a futile attempt to produce these vibrations
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agency of the specific germs of these diseases. The
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the central part, together with the remainder of the scab, being still firmly
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diet and acid drinks, together with bleeding and general depletion, carried
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as in the following mixture: — R. Magnes. sulphat. 3iii-; acid, sulphur,
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two hours, when, finding that she made no progress, I applied the forceps,
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2dly. I have seen this altered movement more considerable on one side
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after attacks of chill, fever and colic, is not only theoret-
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hereafter. And it will not be denied, that these form desiderata of no ordi-
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One was perforation of the coecum from within, and recovered ; one was
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87 Digest of Recent Literature upon Perforation of the Intestine
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erate exercise. The change was so pronounced that the
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highly plausible. I have never seen his idea on the subject in print; but he
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believed, that hysteria is a simulated disease, although
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is a menace. Among these are the premonitory stage of
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exclusively of meat, eggs, fish, oysters, crabs, salad, and Bouehardatfs
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terior outline of the liver, but also lay on the quadratus in the
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In all of these cases there was no question as to the
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gi'ow'th should be removed if possible by the natural route.
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Casb 19. — Operator, Temoln, 1892. Duration, since birth ; lum-